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Levels are for variance due to education, experience and demand. All prices quoted are base prices and may increase without notice. Please consult your service provider for an exact quote.

Single Process New growth

Level I $50+  Level II $55+  Level III $65+  Level IV $75+

Single Process Color

Level I $60+  Level II $70+  Level III $80+  Level IV $90+

Double Process Color

Level I $120+  Level II $130+  Level III $140+  Level IV $150+

Partial Foil

Level I $70+  Level II $80+  Level III $90+  Level IV $100+

Full Foil

Level I $90+  Level II $100+ Level III $110+  Level IV $120+

Balayage, Ombre and other Multi-Dimensional hair colors can vary depending on the length, condition and prior color treatments on hair.  It is suggested that you come in for a color consult for a better price quote.