Levels are for variance due to education, experience and guest demand.  All prices quoted are base prices and may increase without notice.  Please consult your service provider for an exact quote.

RETOUCH/chem 2

(30 minute application)

Perfect option for a simple regrowth application, a few faceframing foils or a toner/gloss

$72 - $120+

The All- Over/chem 3

(45 minute application)

Perfect if you need a single process color from scalp to ends

$108 - $180+

The Partial/Chem 4

(60 minute application)

Are you needing a partial head highlight, balayage touch-up(6 months or less from your last balayage) & looking to keep the current lightness on your mids and ends.

$108 - $180+

the full/chem 5

(75 minute application)
Are you needing a full head of highlights or full balayage (more than 6 months since your last balayage, or adding lightness to your mids & ends)

$180 - $300+

the works/chem 6 

(90 minute application)

We get a whole hour and a half for your application to make you shine!  this is for a major color change, a base retouch with highlights and or/balayage. blondes, dimensional color or any big transformation!

$216 - ​$360+

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